Its never late to learn, just learn, for a purpose

"Sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path", Morpheus, The Matrix

The beauty in the best

Over and over again, the undeniable truth is READABILITY is the most important thing in your code. And formatting is the most important aspect of it to make it happen. Without formatting your code is spaghetti, drunk, full of smelly rubbish, violent bunch of uneducated dragons… You name it. Whereas the formatting makes it a sleeping beauty. Whenever whoever sees it, feels the love.

As the codebase grows and becomes a giant, it is important that it learns how to behave. Size doesn’t matter. If it is formatted correctly, it will be a pleasure working with it, hate otherwise.

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jQuery ajax implementation for wordpress plugin writer

I am not quite a writer, neither I am very good at explaining things theoretically.

There are so many other blog posts, tutorials about how to do the above so I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. Instead I want to give a quick intro about how to start using ajax in your wordpress plugin in no time.

  • Let the wordpress know you have js file:

 Wordpress presents you wp_enqueue_script to add your script to your plugin, which has a detail description in the plugin function reference page. But lets see an example in short:

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The poetry in function

We all know that a function should be small, but how small is small. We all know that a function must do only one thing and one thing only. But what is actually one thing?

I am not a pundit, but I learn from pundits and read their writings and watch their lectures. So my blogs are not really my research, its what I have learned.

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Variable child

What is the most important thing for a  programmer on a daily basis while coding?

What is most suffering for a programmer while refactoring? Readability counts. Try writing a piece of script making it as much unreadable as you can and ask your fellow developer to review that code. You may dare to ask how did it go. If you are an average programmer, your everyday job is either to read or write code. Programmers are not selfish, they always think about the fellow programmers but in case if you are the odd one, at least write the code beautifully for yourself. As you will be next programmer reading or refactoring it.

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Later means never

I have a personal favourite, “It’s not about having time, it’s about making time”.

Luckily I am not the boss of the company, neither a product owner nor a project manager, so I don’t stress my developers with the above. But the above quote is a philosophy every developer must follow.

Let’s do a test. Write down last ten things in your mind that you have been planning to do. If you are an average person, the chances are you haven’t even reached five; forget about ten.

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Code Scouting

This will only make sense if you are serious about code or want to be serious about what you write. It will also make sense to you if you are a certain type of individual who is wandering into the unknown trying to find out the way to be a better developer. Trust me Algorithm doesn’t make you a better developer, your attitude towards the code is.

I was a scout myself for good part of my study life and not every one became better scout just by joining them. Scouting has principles,leadership roles to play, rules to follow team and leaders, most importantly leading by example. Continue reading “Code Scouting”

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